Saturday, 16 June 2012

Chatpati Idli (Spicy rice and lentil cake)

Morning breakfast and afternoon snacks tend to put one in a dicey situation.  It's so difficult to please everyone and then of course, we are always concerned about being able to provide a healthy meal to youngsters who are so finicky about food.

At times, we have some leftovers at home so here’s a quick recipe for you if you have some leftover idlis (and no sambhar) or sandwich bread at home.

So here’s a healthy snack for


1 Tb. Sp.              Sunflower Oil

1 Tsp.                    Mustard seeds 

2-3                         Dried whole red chillies (optional)

5-6                         Curry leaves

½ medium sized Onion (cut lengthwise)

1 medium sized               Tomato (finely chopped)

Salt (according to taste)

1 Tsp.                    Sambhar powder


4-5                         Idlis (or white sandwich bread)

1 Tb. Sp.              Ground poppy seeds and almonds mix


1.                   Heat oil in a pan.

2.                   Add mustard seeds.

3.                   When the seeds start sputtering add whole red chillies. 

4.                   Add curry leaves, after 2-3 minutes add onions.

5.                   Stir fry till they are well cooked.

6.                   Add tomatoes and cook for 4-5 minutes while stirring from time to time.

Add salt and sambhar powder and mix well.

Add ground poppy seeds and almonds mix.

Add idlis and mix well.

If required, add  ¼ cup of water and mix well.

And if you wish to make it healthier, just add a few veggies such as peas and carrots (finely chopped).  Have a nice and healthy meal!

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