Wednesday, 23 November 2011

McDonald's for Vegetarians in France and Germany

Those vegetarians who live in Europe are often confronted with the problem of what to eat, where to eat and especially what should they do when their friends eat at fast-food joints.  Earlier whenever I went to McDonald's, it was because I had no choice but to accompany my friends.  All I found was a small portion of salad or had to be content with French Fries or Deluxe Potatoes.  And this was the reason why I avoided it as long as I could.  Recently, I had a pleasant surprise when I went to McDonald's the other day. 

McDonald's in France has introduced a 'McWrap Chèvre' which is just the thing for us when we want to go out to McDonald's with friends.  The filling is cheese made of goat's milk.  It is wrapped in corn-flour and egg is used as a binding agent.  The wrap contains two small pieces of fried cheese, salad leaves, tomatoes, fried onions and a sauce made of cheese made of goat's milk.  At 4.70 Euros it's good value for money.  You can also have it as part of a Best of menu with French Fries and a drink for 6.90 Euros or a Menu Maxi Best of Meu for 7.40 Euros.   I love cheese.  Though I avoid eggs as far as I can, I tried and I loved it.

And if you live or happen to be in Germany, you are in for a pleasant surprise, too.  You can get a McVeggie Burger now.  I've tried it and I loved it though it is not really filling.  I can eat at least two of these.  But then I don't diet, have never and can never diet.  Priced at 1.49 Euros, it is excellent value for money.  The filling is a vegetable patty along with cheese, salad leaf, tomatoes.

If you don't mind the fact that eggs are used as binding agent then the next time all your friends want to go to McDonald's, you don't need to try all those reasons to avoid accompanying them. 

Personally, I'd prefer that they find a substitute for eggs.  Why can't McDonald's in the other parts of world learn from those in India?  McDonald's in India have a much better range for vegetarians.  I hope that things will change in the rest of the world as well.

But in the meanwhile, we'll have to take what we get... maybe fewer visits but then we can still feel free and enjoy!



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