Friday, 11 May 2012

Fruity delight- Plum Chutney

Fruits are good for health and we love them so much, in all their forms: raw, in cakes, bakery products, shakes, jams, jellies and chutnies.  But how much is enough?  Who cares?  I just love these yummy gifts of nature.   Today, I'm going to share the recipe of Plum Chutney with you, dear readers.  I loved it the first time I had it years ago, thanks to my lovely sister who is an excellent cook…


½ Tb. Sp.               Sunflower Oil
1 Tsp.                    Bishop weed (ajwain) seeds
4-5 medium            Plums (Aaloo-bukharaa)

Salt (according to taste)
1 pinch                  Red chilli powder (according to taste)
2 Tb. sp.                Sugar


1.                   Wash plums.
2.                   Put them in a pan and cover with water.  Let them boil for 30-40 minutes.

3.                   Let them cool.
4.                   Once they are cold, peel and deseed plums.

5.                   Crush the plums.

6.                   Boil for another 15 minutes.

7.                   Now, heat oil in a pan.
8.                   Add ajwain and when it starts sputtering add salt and red chilli powder.
9.                   Add it to boiled plums.
10.               Add sugar.
11.               Put it back on fire and let them boil for another 5 minutes.

12.               Serve with paranthas or rice or chapatis, as you like it. 

I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I do J

This dish can be eaten during Navaratri by those who avoid onions, etc., during this period.


  1. Thanks Neetu and Poonam. Please try it out and tell me if you like it as much as I do :-)