Friday, 24 February 2012

Precooked Aaloo Paranthas

Once in a while all of us have that lazy day when we don't feel like cooking anything and are really dying to have one particular dish.  So what do you do?  Cook it anyways.  Or go to a restaurant and have it.  Or get a ready-to-eat frozen one.  Well, OK, I admit.  I was feeling quite lazy the other day and the only thing I wanted to eat was – Aaloo ke paranthey...  my favourite breakfast and I love to have them at all times of day.

I know, it's easy to make but well, I was simply not in any mood to spend time in kitchen.  And restaurants in Strasbourg don't have aaloo ke paranthey.  So I opted for the only possibility left out for yours truly.  I bought aaloo ke paranthey.  I was so happy. 

But for once, my happiness was short lived.  These aaloo paranthas are nowhere near the real thing at least not the ones that I am used to eat.  And I've eaten these throughout my life.  I had to search real hard to find the filling. 

When I found it I realised that the filling doesn't consist of the usual generous spicy mix of boiled and mashed potatoes but just a bit of grated potatoes.  It was bland.

And that was the end of my dream.  I've decided to give up my lazy habits, at least for next couple of days and concentrate on cooking.  There's nothing like a free meal.  The road to a good meal starts with a generous helping of hard work and good ingredients.

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